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Graphic Design

I`ll provide you with the very best graphic design options for your business, organization, product or service.

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Brand Identity Creation

With logo, colors, typography, photography, illustration, iconography, data visualization, interactive elements, design system, video and motion, and web design, I could say you have Brand Identity.

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Social Media Marketing

I plan your appearance on social networks. Create original content and promote and communicate with your fans and analyzing the results.

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Welcome to my website!

Hi, am Miki Fatth award winning design specialist.

I breathe new life into traditional business concepts by implementing my innovative ideas and growth strategies. Every company is unique and therefore the strategy used to market your company must also be unique. This is why I make it a priority to first understand your company’s mission and specific targeted market. I analyze the trends and preferences of your market to ensure that I employ specific strategies to optimize awareness of your product or service.
My internationally recognized marketing solutions have developed a reputation for developing distinguishing brands, allowing them to shine above their competition. If you are looking for a marketing strategy that will propel your company’s growth and create a strong brand in the marketplace, be free to contact me to discuss the endless possibilities.


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